Pure Samar Honey (First Pick)

160.00 $

Type: 100% Natural Samar Honey (First Pick)
Weight: 1Kg
Country of Origin: UAE – Ras Al Khaima


Product Details:
The Samar tree, with its thorny branches, contains in its leaves and flowers the secret of healing and nourishment, which gives the best honey between May and June.


      Samar Honey Benefits:

  • Samar honey treats infections such as respiratory infections.
  • It treats some diseases that occur in the stomach, such as peptic ulcer disease.
  • It prevents anemia because it contains iron.
  • It works to expel toxins and harmful bacteria from the body.
  • Benefit the kidneys and improve their performance.
  • It treats the stomach from many diseases.
  • Strengthens sex and increases its ability, especially in men.
  • It prevents many infections such as bronchitis and respiratory tract infections.


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