ELK Player Activation

50.00 $

Player Name: ELK Player

Player Website: https://elkplayer.com

Player Details:

  • It’s a software development company and mainly developing IPTV Applications.
  • It’s a developing delivery app, restaurant management apps. Ecommerce Apps, etc.
  • ELK Player have uploaded many IPTV Apps and other types of Apps to google play store, Samsung Store, LG Content Store, Apple Store.
  • ELK player is a General Media Player and it doesn’t include any content or playlists.
  • ELK player doesn’t sell playlists or subscriptions.


Very Important:

We are not selling ELK Player.

We do not represent ELK Player in any way.

We are just a reseller to renew the App activation.

The value cost will cover lifetime activation (It’s according to the ELK company’s website and to their policy).



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